A Presbyterian Campus Ministry at Western Carolina University.

Who we are.

We're a diverse community with a common goal of living Spirit-filled lives. We are living prisms of the deep history and traditions of the church. Students participate from every walk of life, from Art to Engineering, from Band life to Greek society.


UKirk is the ministry itself, the name of our organization. Under the banner of UKirk, we gather as a community at WCU but also join together with UKirk campus ministries across the country. The name UKirk comes from our Reformed Heritage via Scotland, where the church is called a 'kirk.' We're a Kirk for the University, a UKirk.

Hillside Grind

As an outreach and expression of our mission, we run a coffeehouse on campus that provides the best coffee in Cullowhee. It provides a way for us to live our faith through practices that reflect it. Even in the humble cup of coffee, we can pour a little bit of empathy, support, justice, responsibility, and honesty.

Our fearless leader.

Noah McIntee

Ambling Pastor

W hen I was ordained, I always knew that some day I'd pastor a suburban church, then a non-geographic ministry to young adults, then an urban church plant, then I would build and launch craft breweries while pastoring a rural church in Appalachia, before finally coming to this position as campus minister at Western Carolina University. I guess some of us are just lucky to always know what to do with our lives.